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ALLMI Training - Card Explained

At Martin Training Solutions we offer Lorry Loader Operator Training which is accredited by ALLMI. (Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturer's and Importers).

One of the most discussed / debated conversations we experience is the card and qualification its self. The primary purpose of this article is to clarify exactly what you get and what does it mean.

Upon successful completion of the ALLMI Lorry Loader Operator Course delegates are awarded a certificate and photo card.

The certificate clearly states the following:

  • Date(s) of Training / Assessment Date

  • Loader Make/Model

  • ALLMI Category

  • Attachment(s)

  • Capacity Range

  • Instructor / Reg / Training Provider

  • Expiry Date (5 years from the day of assessment)

The photo card clearly shows a photo of the operative as well as displaying the following:

  • Name

  • Category / Capacity

  • Expiry Date

  • ID Number

  • CSCS Hologram*

*The ALLMI training scheme is approved by CSCS. Therefore, the CSCS logo is displayed on all ALLMI cards relating to the following categories:

  • Lorry Loader Operator

  • Slinger / Signaller

  • Crane Supervisor

  • Appointed Person

  • Thorough Examiner

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