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ALLMI Training - Categories Explained

Distinction is made between different types of attachment, capacity of the loader, remote controlled loaders and various specialist applications (e.g. barge mounted, static mount, etc). These are categorised due to the individual skill requirements needed to operate these types of loader crane safely and efficiently.

For example, if an operator is trained and certificated in the use of only a hoist attachment (category 2), they should not be permitted to use other attachments until conversion training has been undertaken. A certificated operator who is trained on the use of lorry loaders with a capacity of up to 20tm, is not to use a lorry loader with a capacity greater than 20tm.

* Typically defined as a loader crane with a rated capacity of less than 1,000kg or a maximum net lifting moment of less than 40,000Nm.

Note - It is important to remember that training is ongoing throughout the operator’s working life. Therefore, operators should always be familiarised when moving from one type of lorry loader to another.

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